The Passenger is a magazine and nonprofit organization founded by students at Northwestern University in 2003. Now, the Passenger community has spread to more than two dozen campuses in the United States. Both the printed publication and the other products of our organization advance the same mission: to reveal the hidden commonalities and shared experiences unique to people coming of age at the beginning of the twenty-first century. We hope to unite a generation that doesn't know whether it's a generation at all.

The magazine is designed to introduce the people, ideas, and art that distinguish and define us. It also serves as a stage for emerging journalists, artists, and entrepreneurs to share their unique talents.

The magazine is only the beginning. Other functions of our organization include:

Often we are asked why we've chosen to publish a printed magazine instead of a website alone. Despite the considerable costs involved in printing, distributing, and creating the magazine, we made this choice because a tangible product still has a credibility that websites can't match—no one has yet found a way to digitally replicate the vividness and tactile experience of reading an actual page. The physical magazine can be passed from friend to friend, serving as a jumping-off point for conversations.

The magazine's content is composed of five pillars:

You Can Help

Contact us to get involved on your campus or your town. We're looking for writers, journalists, entrepreneurs, and (let's be honest) donors.

—The Passenger Team