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Click here to see images of the paper edition of The Passenger's preview, Issue Zero, courtesy of art director Felipe Lima.

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You can buy Issue Zero of The Passenger now at Quimby's in Chicago and Comix Revolution in Evanston, Ill.

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Kimra McPherson remembers early online communities when she discovers the Internet Archive Wayback Machine. .: read \\

Sarah Topol stumbled upon an underground South African illegal travelers' ring... in Tel Aviv. .: read \\

Nathaniel Whittemore was ambushed in his own dorm by a hate crime con artist. It was all a hoax, and Nathaniel was a SUCKER. .: read \\

Kathryn Droullard had to leave life as the daughter of medical missionaries in Pakistan after 9/11. She came "home" to the U.S. where she encountered "something far more complicated: life as a foreigner in America." .: read \\
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Halo Industries brings the punk ethic to graphic design. By Dorothy Kronick. .: read \\
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Benjamin Hale explores why the album as a form might be dying. .: read \\

Graham Webster reveals how record industry insiders are being subverted by the Pitchfork Media and Fresh Tracks Music. .: read \\

Pitchfork Media founder Ryan Schreiber: the Passenger interview. .: read \\

We know file-sharing is illegal. Andy Nelson finds that just because we're breaking the law doesn't mean we don't have ethical systems about it. .: read \\
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The Microphones: Live in Japan is reviewed by Andres Restrepo. .: read \\

Oakley Hall's selftitled debut is reviewed by Russ Nelson. .: read \\